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weingut heinrich // alexander heinrich // weingut am altenberg Obersulm sülzbach

visit the heinrich winery (a | heinrich), experience more and taste our wines in the wine tavern – in the wine garden, or with a wine tasting in the vineyards


wine tastings


wine tour

try tasting the multiple award-winning wines of alexander heinrich in the place where they originate – for example on the rauberg, where it is not only the wall lizards that feel good. on a wine tour with the vintner you will discover vineyards, areas and grapevines, and find out interesting facts about viticulture. this is not only a culinary delight, but also a treat for the eyes, because you will be pampered with a view into the weinsberg valley.

wine tastings

or experience a wine tasting on our estate where the wines are developed – surrounded by wild yeasts, which make our rieslings & co. so distinctive. the wine tastings are expertly and entertainingly conducted by alexander heinrich, who will explain to you, amongst other things, what makes a wine a true heinrich.

please speak to us, we are happy to arrange an individual wine tasting with you. telephone: +49 7134 17469



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mo - fr 1pm - 6pm
and sa 9am - 3pm
and during the opening times of the wine tavern

wine tavern

fr opening 4pm
sa and so opening 11am

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